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Google in the wake of Facebook will ban advertising of Crypto-Currency and ICO

Google will prohibit advertising ICO, crypto-currencies and crypto-exchange exchanges. Restrictions also touched on articles with tips on earnings on crypto-currencies and announcements about binary options. New rules of advertising policy will come into force from June 2018.

The new advertising rules will impose a broad ban on any advertisements, promotion of sites, as well as banners and pre-hits on YouTube. Google saidthat they do not know what the future will be for the crypto currency market, but “have seen enough harm for consumers in this area” and want to be more careful.

Russian Google still gives several advertising links to sites with crypto currency on request “buy bitcoin.”

Google search search screenshot for “buy bitcoin”

In the report for 2017, Google said that it blocked more than 130 million ads that were used by hackers for cheating clicks and including the production of crypto currency. This is a small part of all banned advertising – 3.2 billion ads over the past year.

Facebook imposed a ban on advertising crypto and ICO in late January 2018. The ban applies to any ads related to crypto-currencies, including in Instagram. In “VKontakte” on the contrary allowed to advertise virtual money, if they are not prohibited by Russian law.

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