FSB and IC purchased programs for hacking any iPhone models

Siloviki and previously reported on successful hacking thanks to an Israeli company.

The regional offices of the Federal Security Service of Russia, the Investigation Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs purchased the programs and equipment of the Israeli company Cellebrite, the BBC Russian service found out . The company claims that its development helps to crack the iPhone, including the latest models.

The publication claims that the Russian government purchases Cellebrite devices not directly, but through local partners. The Volgograd Department of Insurance Company spent 800 thousand rubles to purchase the UFED Touch2 complex, and Khabarovsk – 1.2 million rubles .

In 2016, the head of the Investigation Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, confirmed that the agency uses the developments of an Israeli company. On its website, the agency reported that the smugglers of Brazilian pork in the Crimea were able to calculate by hacking three iPhone 5 suspects with the help of UFED.

In addition to law enforcement and investigative bodies, Cellebrite purchasesSberbank for hacking smartphones . The press service of the Bank BBC told that they are used to fight viruses on devices with the Android operating system.

In February 2018, it became known that Cellebrite was able to bypass the protection of iOS 11 and can now hack almost all iOS devices. Bypassing the protection of one device costs about 1.5 thousand dollars. After completing the procedure, the unlocked smartphone will be sent back to the customer. Technical details of hacking the company did not disclose.

Cellebrite has a competitor: As Forbes has found out, the American startup Grayshift offers a license to hack 300 smartphones for $ 15,000 – or $ 50 per piece. The company also claims it can hack any smartphone. The BBC noted that it did not find contracts for Russian security officials with Grayshift.

In January, FBI forensic expert Steven Flatley publicly called Apple “assholes” and “evil geniuses.” He said that by his actions the company constantly complicates the work of his colleagues, and praised Cellebrite, who, he says, is the only one who can “fight Apple”.

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