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Why from the administration of Trump always someone is fired

Donald Trump is surrounded by the inner circle of the administration – Rhines Pribus, Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer, Mike Pence and Michael Flynn. By the end of 2017, only Mike Pence retained his post (in the middle in the bottom row). Getty Images

March 13, Donald Trump has sent in his resignation Rex Tillerson – the former head of the corporation Exxon Mobile, who served in the administration of Trump’s secretary of state. The former director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, a supporter of Trump and a former member of the radical wing of the Republican Party (the “Tea Party”), was dismissed.

Shortly before his dismissal, Tillerson interrupted his trip to Africa and returned to Washington. He did not talk to Trump and did not know what was going on. On March 9, the head of the administration, John Kelly, called Tillerson and advised him to follow the presidential tweet. On March 13, one of the subordinates informed him of his resignation and showed Trimt as evidence.

Later, Trump said that the basis for the dismissal of Tillerson was “disagreement” with the diplomat. In this edition of The Atlantic linked the resignation of the head of US foreign policy with his words of support to the British government, who accused Russia of attacking the spy-defector Sergei Skripal on British soil.

The State Department, led by Tillerson, serves as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, the head of the American “Foreign Ministry” is more influential than his foreign colleagues: his opinion is higher than the opinion of the heads of both chambers of the Congress.

The Secretary of State is the first member of the government to apply for the presidency in case of illness or resignation. Above him in this hierarchy is only the vice-president and head of the Senate.

The former State Department adviser to President Bush, Eliot Cohen, called Rex Tillerson “one of the worst state secretaries” in American history. According to Elizabeth Saunders, an expert at Washington University, under Tillerson’s direction, the State Department suffered damage “for a generation”.

The publication of Vox linked such assessments of Tillerson’s activities with the failures of his foreign policy. Under his leadership, the State Department was not able to achieve the relations conceived by Trump with Russia and North Korea. At the same time, American diplomatic missions in 34 countries (including regional leaders: Australia, Germany, Saudi Arabia and South Korea) remained without ambassadors.

Rex Tillerson. Getty Images

Tillerson’s resignation was the loudest, but not the first, dismissal in the Trump administration. For the year that he is in power, the staff of his subordinates has been updated by 43% – this is the biggest figure in American history, two and a half times higher than the previous record holder – Ronald Reagan (17%).

Sally Yates

Acting Attorney General

Yates was the first in a series of layoffs in the senior leadership of the United States – a week and a half after the inauguration of Trump. Officially, the reason was then called “treachery of the Ministry of Justice” – so the US president called her refusal to protect the draft of his anti-immigrant decree, which was not part of her area of ​​responsibility.

Sally Yates. Getty Images

Michael Flynn

Adviser to the President on National Security

One of the main members of the president’s office went down in February 2017 – because of contacts with the Russian embassy on the eve of his appointment, which he “inadvertently” forgot to tell the leadership of the presidential administration. Soon after Flynn’s resignation, the FBI began investigating his contacts with Russian officials.

Michael Flynn. Getty Images

James Comey (James Comey)

Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Trump fired the Komi in May 2017, according to the official version, because the head of the FBI closed the investigation against Hillary Clinton, who competed with the 45th US president in the 2016 elections. Later it became known that shortly before his dismissal Trump tried to persuade Komi to close the investigation against Michael Flynn.

James Komi. Getty Images

Sean Spicer

And about. Head of Communications and Press Secretary of the White House

Press Secretary of the White House, who became the hero of numerous parodies, went into retirement July 21, 2017 – after Trump appointed head of the Communications Department of the eccentric financier Anthony Scaramouche. According to Spicer, “the kitchen has become too many cooks.”

Sean Spicer. Getty Images

Ryanas Priebus (Reince Priebus)

Head of the presidential staff

According to The New York Times, the head of the presidential staff lost his position, because he was “not strong enough” for her. His successor was former Marine General John Kelly (John Kelly). Shortly before the resignation of Pribus, which occurred on July 28, Scaramucci accused him of “plums” of official information to journalists.

Rheins Pribus. Getty Images

Anthony Scaramucci

Head of the White House Communications Department

Scaramucci was dismissed on July 31, 2017, just 10 days after joining the White House. At the same time, he resigned earlier than the day he was supposed to officially begin work. Prior to this, Scaramucci called the acting head of Trump’s apparatus Ryanas Pribus “a paranoid schizophrenic.”

Anthony Scaramucci. Getty Images

Steve Bannon

Adviser to the President on political and strategic issues

In February 2017 Time magazine named Trump’s senior adviser “the most influential person in the world”. However, in August the same year, Bannon had to resign after caused widespread outrage statements Trump that the deaths of members of two rallies in Charlottesville guilty as the ultra-conservatives and ultra-liberals.

Steve Bannon. Getty Images

Tom Price (Tom Price)

Minister of Health and Human Services

In the fall of 2017, the Trump administration failed several times to adopt a reform project that replaced the health insurance system that remained from the Obama administration. Shortly thereafter, the journalists learned that the head of the US Ministry of Health spent more than a million dollars from the budget on traveling around the country. He handed in his resignation.

Tom Price. Getty Images

Gary Cohen

Director of the National Economic Council

March 7, 2018 Cohen entered into a tough dispute with Trump because of the upcoming increase in the import tax on steel and aluminum, which journalists called“populist uprising.” A few hours after that, he resigned. Neither side of the conflict has named the official reason for the departure of Trump’s chief economic adviser.

Gary Cohen. Getty Images

The resignations listed above are the most resonant, however, they do not constitute even half of the turnover that swept the White House and other US departments under Trump. The reasons range from a conflict of interest and insufficient access to classified information to accusations of domestic violence.

28 major resignations
occurred in the national and local leadership of the United States for the year and two months of Trump’s presidency

The investigation commission of the former FBI director Robert Muller, who is studying possible intervention of Russia in the presidential elections, also “hangs” over officials and their subordinates. Since October 2017, she has filed 101 charges against several of Trump’s associates, as well as 13 Russians and a non-profit organization, the Internet Research Agency, which is associated with the “cook of Putin” Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Robert Mueller. Getty Images

Beginning in October 2017, the Mueller commission made 101 charges against members of Trump’s election campaign, as well as 13 Russians and the Russian Agency for Internet Research, which is associated with the “cook of Putin” Yevgeny Prigozhin.

According to two lawyers close to the investigation, Mueller may soon switch from members of the Trump administration to the US president himself. They noted that a likely attack by the head of the special commission could occur as early as in the spring of 2018, and the consequence would be a lawsuit against the incumbent head of state – in which case the case would be called “Trump against the United States . 

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