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Video: Robopes “annealed” to music

Specialists of the Swiss Higher Technical School in Zurich presented their four-legged robot ANYmal a couple of years ago. Over the years, it is improving, becoming more functional. One of the latest developments is software, which taught the robot to dance to music.

It is reported that the robot not only reproduces a pre-recorded sequence of movements, but analyzes the tempo of sounding music and adapts to it. It does not always happen instantly, but it is clear that the “dog” is trying. At the time mark of the video at 1:25 he even begins to tread with the paw to the beat.


The four-legged robot is similar to the development of the well-known Boston Dynamics. The engine is based on 12 electric motors, the robot has high throughput, it is able to move around complex surfaces. The battery lasts for 12 hours of battery life.

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