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Venezuelan Petro was called a threat to all crypto-currencies

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said earlier that he had preset the national crypto currency Petro brought the country $ 5 billion. If this is true, the ICO initiated has a chance to become the most successful in history – at the moment. The money will be directed to the needs of the state, the acquisition of “everything necessary”. However, a number of experts do not see evidence of Maduro’s words.

In addition, supposedly purchased tokens still remain in their place, and buyers, if they really sent funds, can only count on the transfer of Petro.

Analysts from the Brookings Institution (the most important analytical center that specializes in social sciences, municipal government, foreign policy and the world economy), in turn, warned about the risks.

It is alleged that Petro is unlikely to be able to help the economy of Venezuela, but will also have a detrimental effect on other crypto-currencies. This will happen if Petro shows its inconsistency – then under attack will fall all the virtual money of the new time – they will be considered a tool for scammers. Moreover, one of the goals of Venezuela’s national crypto currency is to circumvent the sanctions. If the country achieves its own, there will be a precedent.

Recall, the provision of Petro is oil – a barrel for “coin”. Experts believe that providing the crypto currency with something material contradicts the concept of virtual money and at the moment it makes no sense.

According to the latest data, inflation in Venezuela for the year reached a figure of 6000%.

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