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The hottest video on the Internet? The White House is frightened by violence in games

Donald Trump is sure that video games are the reason why people go crazy, buy automatic rifles and shoot schoolchildren. Last week, the American president called on the developer’s carpet, showed them a cutting from various games and asked how cruel it was. Participants in the meeting with the president described it as strange and unproductive.

The video, which was shown to the developers, was later published on the YouTube channel of the White House. For five days he was looked over a million times. Most of the ratings for the video are negative – 97% of the dislikes. But! Most likely, it was the very fact that the White House and the US President, contrary to all scientific facts and research, continue to blame video games for massacres.

Some representatives of the video game industry noted that they work for the global market, their games are represented all over the world, while the problem with the shooting of children in schools is exclusively American. And the root of evil is to be sought in another sphere, and not shift responsibility from a sick head to a healthy one.

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