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Nicolas Cage will still play Superman – 20 years after the screen test, he will voice it in the cartoon

One of the main blockbusters of 1998 could be the movie “Superman Alive”: his director was Tim Burton, screenwriter – Kevin Smith, and the role of the villain Lex Luthor was to be performed by Kevin Spacey. The main role was taken by Nicolas Cage, who at that time recently received an Oscar for Best Actor in the film “Leaving Las Vegas.”

At the last moment the picture was canceled , and Cage never played a superhero from the planet Krypton. But in 2018, Warner gave him one more chance: the actor will become Superman’s voice in the animated film “Young Titans, Forward!”. Singer Holzy will voice a Wonder Woman, and rapper Lil Yachty – Green Lantern.

The project “Superman Alive” was created several years ago. Initially, the producers wanted the hero to not wear leotards and fight with a huge spider, but Burton rejected these ideas. The director wanted to make the hero more humane – with problems and complexes. Therefore, the role was chosen Cage, who was a longtime fan of Clark Kent and named the son of Kal-El (name Superman at birth).

He managed to do some trial photos in a suit: subsequently the pictures appeared on the network and became one of the reasons for jokes about the actor.

The project “Superman Alive” was curtailed three weeks before the shooting, and all funds were invested in the film “Wild Wild West” with Will Smith. Reasons: the bloated budget and the failure of the film “Batman and Robin” by Joel Schumacher. In 2015, the documentary “Death” Superman is alive “: What happened?”

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