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Katy Perry at the talent show kissed a 19-year-old musician who never kissed

While listening to the talent show “American Idol”, 19-year-old Benjamin Glaze from Oklahoma came on stage. When the singer Katy Perry asked him about the job, Glaz replied that he was a cashier and he liked it, because cute girls greet him.

Then one of the members of the jury country singer Luke Bryan asked the young man whether he ever kissed a girl and liked him (sending to the song of Katy Perry “I Kissed a Girl”). Gleiz replied that he had never been in a relationship, and did not know if it was possible to kiss the girls otherwise.

Then Katy Perry asked him to go up to her and put his cheek, but after the first kiss she said that she did not like it. The second time, she turned sharply and kissed Glazes on the lips. From such a surprise, he fell.

After the kiss, the jury returned to the audition, Gleiz began to perform the song “Levels” by Nick Jones, but he was quickly stopped. Selection for participation in the show the teenager never did.

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