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In the free app “Calendar” from the App Store for Mac built in a crypto currency miner

Updated: the application has disappeared from the App Store. The reasons are not specified.

The developer of the Calendar 2 application added the code for the Montero crypto currency. Miner is included by default as a method of payment for premium functions: the production of crypto currency is in the background. Ars Technica has paid attention to the unusual update .

Screenshot from Calendar 2 app
Screenshot from Calendar 2 app

Calendar 2 – the first time when an application from the App Store finds a script for mining. The store is characterized by strict moderation of programs.

When you first start Calendar 2, users are warned that the application will begin to produce crypto currency in the background in exchange for premium features. However, you can completely disable mining in the settings or pay for advanced access with money.

Edition Ars Technica wrote about the situation in Apple, but for a day and did not receive a response by e-mail. At the time of publication of the note, the application is still available for download.

According to the author of the program, the miner was added for the sake of experiment, to give users the opportunity to try a new way to get all the functions. However, the release version of the application showed errors: one resulted in the fact that the miner did not shut down, despite the choice of users, and another downloaded the processor at 100% capacity instead of the planned 10-20%.

Developers are already working on a new version of the program and promised that they will remove the miner from it. They justified their decision for several reasons, including the fact that they can not quickly fix the bugs that cause the CPU load.

Apple’s guidelines do not contain prohibitions on the introduction of miners, but the rules describe that “applications should not quickly expend the battery, overheat the computer or cause unnecessary strain on the device’s resources.”

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