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In Peru found skeletons of aliens (8 photos)

Found in Peru three-fingered mummies, according to scientists, are not people.
Professor Korotkov examined the mummies found by his colleagues in Peru. The scientist claims that the age of these strange finds reaches 6500 years.
On the tomographic images of skeletons, the arms, legs, eyes are visible. Tissues are of a biological nature and chemical composition, as in the case of an ordinary person. Their DNA consists of 23 pairs of chromosomes. However, they only seem like people.
Another specialist, Dr. Edson Vivanco, also claims that the remains belong to a “non-human being”. Many researchers at all believe that bodies are dummy. But still it is impossible to recreate a skull with similar characteristics. So far, scientists continue to explore the find. According to them, there is no reason to assert that these samples are counterfeit.
Recall that the first frames of the mummified alien came from the city of Nazca, Peru in June last year.

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