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CNN: The FBI wanted to meet with Rybka and Leslie in Thailand, but the authorities refused

FBI agents tried to meet with Nastya Rybka (Anastasiya Vashukevich) and Alex Leslie (Alexander Kirillov), who was in Thai prison, but the Thai authorities refused them. A representative of the Thai authorities told CNN about this .

In February, Vashakevich and Kirillov sent a handwritten letter to the US Embassy in Bangkok asking them to help them in release in exchange for information about alleged Russian interference in the presidential elections in the United States. As a source in the agency said, FBI agents contacted the Thai Immigration Bureau last week to arrange a meeting.

The Thai authorities refused to meet, as the right to see prisoners is only with their official representatives or relatives, said an anonymous source.

A spokesman for the US embassy in Bangkok referred to the agency statement released last week. It says that the embassy knows about the detention of Rybka, but she is not a US citizen, which is why the agency advised them to contact the representatives of the Thai authorities with further questions.

On March 11, on the page of Alex Leslie in VKontakte, a message appeared on behalf of his official representative, Pavlo Yunko, who had an informal meeting with the Thai authorities.

According to Yunko, the group in the sex training was a spy who wrote down everything that happens and passed it on to his superiors. His source in Thailand allegedly claimed that Russian special services fully paid the operation to detain Rybka and Leslie. They were detained and had to be deported after 48 hours, but the deportation was suspended intentionally, after a car with US diplomatic numbers arrived at the Thai authorities’ representative for work. From this he concluded that America has an interest in the matter.

It can be seen that now, besides Russia, there is the US interest in this. What kind of negotiations are taking place between Russia, Thailand and the US, we do not know anything. But the fact that their deportation case has been suspended, is a fact.

Pavlo Yunko
official representative of Alex Leslie

On February 26, Nastya Rybka, Alex Leslie and eight other Russians were detained for illegally conducting sex training. First they were released on bail, and then placed in the center for illegal migrants. Rybka asked the American media to contact her to tell him about the relationship between Russian MPs and US President Donald Trump. In late February, Rybka and Leslie asked forpolitical asylum in the US, but the country’s embassy in Minsk explained that this is possible only if the applicants are on the territory of the country.

Vashakevich and Kirillov are also defendants on the suit of businessman Oleg Deripaska, who he filed for publishing without permission materials about his personal life. The suit was filed after the investigation of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) Alexei Navalny about the rest of the businessman and vice-premier Sergei Prikhodko on the yacht Deripaska. The investigation was made on the basis of publications from Rybka’s illustrum and on materials from her book.

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