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American TV presenter John Oliver explained for half an hour “in plain language” what is crypto currency

In the release of the evening show Last Week Tonight on March 11, TV host John Oliver touched on the topic of crypto currency. For 25 minutes he told the audience the basic language of the information about bitcoin, blockade, ICO and crypto-currencies in general.

Oliver began explaining that crypto currency is “everything you do not understand about money, combined with everything that you do not understand in computers.” The TV host tried to explain complex terms on simple examples and did not go into details.

He said that bitcoin is worth something, because people have agreed that way among themselves. For analogy, he brought a very rare plush toys Beanie Babies, which collectors can buy for 15 thousand dollars. For a story about the reliability of the blockade, Oliver used an excerpt from the video, where a technology expert tells that breaking into a blockage is how to turn McNaggets from McDonald’s back into a chicken. To describe the phenomenon of crypto-currency, the TV host included a clip of the rap group Hodlgang about bitcoin.

Oliver did not dissuade viewers from buying or using crypto currency, but he did not approve of it either. The TV host spoke about the risks of investing in the ICO and advised to be cautious about the whole market of blocking technologies.

It is important to remember that this is a perfect new and very complex space. And literally no one knows how it will develop, so you need to be careful.

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