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Absorption of Qualcomm by Broadcom is blocked for reasons of national security

Donald Trump blocked the takeover of the American company Qualcomm by Singapore’s Broadcom producer. The American president considers such a deal unsafe for the country. Broadcom, recall, is making attempts to acquire an American chip maker for a long time.

However, Trump vetoed any action related to the absorption or acquisition of Qualcomm, reports The Verge. It is possible that Broadcom will continue to struggle for a tasty asset. According to Bloomberg, currently located in Singapore, the company is carrying out activities to transfer its headquarters in the United States. The move should be completed by early April.

Broadcom noted that Trump’s actions are of little importance, since the company did not intend to acquire anyone before the change of jurisdiction.

Earlier, Qualcomm did not rule out that the takeover could take place if the company were offered $ 160 billion.

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