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Where did the gypsy from the stories of Instagram disappear

The appearance of hyphae

At the end of January 2018, in the “Stories” section of the Instagram , it became possible to add GIF stickers to photos and videos. Several hundred images could be found by keywords in the search. On February 20, the same function appeared in Snapchat.

Gifki for the Instagram and Snapchat are inserted through the Giphy service, similarly the animation works in the Telegram messenger. In the “history” you can not add all the files available in the service, but only those that are in the library during moderation.

Giphy users could download their gifki to the database: for this purpose it was necessary to register an “artist account” and send the files for verification. Animations that violate the rules of service, did not pass the content filtering system.

Racist find

A few weeks after the launch of the feature, the 21-year-old Snapchat user from Birmingham noticed in the list of available animations a monkey rotating a “death meter from ninety criminals”. Near the monkey a white man is shown, broadcasting into a microphone, that this counter is constantly increasing.

March 7, the same gifku, but already in Instagram, drew the user’s attention of Twitter under the nickname @LyaunaAugmon. According to her, the image appeared first in the search results for the word “Crime”. She urged the service to remove the insulting hypha and apologize. Later @LyaunaAugmon closed the account.

A few days after the appeal, users of social networks around the world reported that they had no opportunity to attach the hyphs to the stories in Instagram and Snapchat.

Stopgap measure

In Snap told reporters TechCrunch that disabled the function “as soon as learned” about the problem. The service noted that support for hypho will be returned when there is a way to prevent the recurrence of the incident. Instagram representatives also confirmed to TJ that they suspended integration with Giphy.

We do not accept content of this type in Instagram. Integration with Giphy is suspended until the company understands this situation.

Instagram statement

The rules for hosting GiF files prohibit the propagation of hatred. The representative of Giphy explained the appearance of the image with the monkey error of the content filtering system. According to him, now the team manually checks every gyfk available in Instagram and Snapchat.

The user found an abusive hypha in our library, and we immediately removed it from the database. We take full responsibility for what happened and sincerely apologize to all who are affected by this image.

from the statement Giph
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