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Users ridiculed the tabloid, which compared the length of the fingers Kate Middleton

The latest issue of the British tabloid Daily Mail published a material with an intriguing title: “Why Kate’s fingers are the same length?” As evidence – an enlarged picture of the palm of the palm of Prince William’s wife Keith Middleton. The phalanx of the fingers is surrounded by a frame, and it is clearly visible that the fingers of it are still of different lengths. Twitter users began to make fun of the yellow press.

The tabloid relied on a photograph of the Duchess of Cambridge, made while attending an elementary school in Oxford. In her hands she holds a clutch, and for some reason the Daily Mail decided that the index, middle and ring fingers of the same length.

More precisely: “Why 75% of Kate’s fingers are about the same length?”

“I have an idea: you can do something with Kate’s fingers of the same size.”

– Actually they are not the same.

– Prove it.

– I circled the frame, and they do not touch one line.

– In any case, we need to publish.

“Why are Kate’s fingers the same length?”

“They literally flipped Kate’s fingers and showed that they are not the same length”:

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