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Theresa May accused Russia of involvement in the poisoning of the spy defector Sergei Skripal

British Prime Minister Teresa May said that the nerve agent “military level”, which was poisoned by the former GRU colonel and British intelligence agent Sergei Skripal, was “most likely” developed in Russia. May called one of the variants of what happened “the direct action of the Russian state.”

Theresa May. Getty Images
Theresa May. Getty Images

According to the words of May, we are talking about class “Beginner” substances, which were developed in the Soviet Union in the 1970s. The Prime Minister added that the Russian government could lose control of them belonging to the substance inventory. At the same time, she noted that Russia repeatedly used poisons on the territory of other countries.

May noted that the leadership of the British Foreign Ministry had already summoned the Russian ambassador for consultations. He was required to provide a “complete report and full disclosure of the program” Beginner “,” as well as to give explanations about the dubbed versions in parliament Skripal poisoning.

May promises to announce the list of follow-up actions on Wednesday, March 14. According to her, the country should be “ready for broader measures”, based on the reaction of Russian diplomats.

If there is no reliable answer, we will conclude that this action constitutes an unlawful use of force by a Russian state against the United Kingdom.

Tereza May
Prime Minister of Great Britain

As noted by The New York Times, the manner in which May accused Russia of being involved in the attack on Skripal is uncharacteristic for British politicians. As the authors of the publication noted, in previous years the leadership of the United Kingdom reluctantly went to such measures.

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