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Scientists have proven the safety of radiation from cell phones

American experts shared the results of a study of the long-term effects of mobile phone radiation on human health. It seems that there is nothing to worry about: experts say that the type of radiated waves is similar to those that arise from the operation of a microwave oven, and they practically can not influence the state of the organism.

“If there is a risk, it is small, ” said the specialist who participated in the study. Cell phones form non-ionizing radiation. According to scientists, there is no evidence that this type of radiation increases the risk of oncological diseases.

Specialists conducted tests on rats and mice: it turned out that several individuals of rodents exposed to strong irradiation lived even longer than their counterparts who were not irradiated. At the same time, the scientist stated that in a number of cases there were signs of carcinogenic activity. According to the researchers, the risk arises only when the mobile phones are overly active.

The scientist advised to use a headset for communication, and not to bring the phone to your ear. At night, it is recommended to leave the phone away from the bed.

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