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Life without a head: even zoologists are shocked

The toad found in the forest in Connecticut strikes with its vitality not only the layman, but also experienced biologists. After all, according to all laws, it can not simply exist. Nevertheless, this toad, which has lost its head, has no eyes, no nose, no tongue, still lives!

How did the unfortunate toad lose its head? Perhaps it was eaten by the larvae of the parasites. Or loss was the result of a collision with a rat. Now this is not so important. The main thing is, it was early overgrown – there was only a small hole, which now seems to perform the function of the mouth.

As reported by Animals1, an amazing animal was discovered during a walk through the forest by graduate student Jill Fleming. And now she suggests to scientists to answer the question: how can a toad without a head can survive and find food without having the necessary sense organs for it. Meanwhile, zoologists are in some confusion and are not ready to immediately answer the riddle of nature.

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