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Indian farmers for a week wore solar panels on their heads to charge phones during a protest

On March 11, several tens of thousands of Indian farmers arrived in Mumbai, the capital of the state of Maharashtra. So farmers and peasants finished their week-long protest march: they walked 167 kilometers on foot from another city to demand from the authorities to reduce taxes and carry out agricultural reform. In the protests organized by the Communist Party of India, attended by 35 thousand people.

Marching almost did not stop in places with electricity, so they faced a problem – discharging phones. Media noticed that some farmers fixed on their heads solar panels the size of a tablet to charge their devices and help others.

“Favorite photo from today’s march – farmers do not have access to electricity, so Lakshman Basre passed six days with a small solar panel on his head. He used it to charge his phone, as well as phones of other marchers ”

48-year-old Natu Udar told a local television channel that he originally bought the panel home. “I installed it on my head to help myself and others,” he said. Panels on the head or in the hands used by other Indians.

Photos of Sona Satish
Photos of Sona Satish

According to the BBC, the Indian state authorities met with protesters and promised to meet part of their claims within six months.

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