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In “Yandex.Browser” built-in protection from secret crypto currency minivers

“Yandex” added to its browser protection from scripts for the production of crypto-currency criminals. As Kommersant was told in the company, Yandex.Browser automatically finds and blocks miners, but leaves the site accessible.

The browser analyzes the load on the processor of the computer: if it fixes a sharp increase in the indicators, then it starts searching for scripting scripts on open sites. As soon as Yandex.Browser fixes the presence of the miner, it will block it, but it will leave the site accessible.

The innovation appeared in the browser for all devices, including iOS and Android. According to LiveInternet, launched in 2012, the browser in February 2018 is the third line by popularity in Russia and occupies 8.1% of the market.

As noted in Kaspersky Lab, in 2017 2.7 million users in the world became victims of secret miners. Scripts installed in advertising on YouTube, torrent tracker The Pirate Bay as an alternative to advertising and the website of the electronic registry of the Sakhalin Ministry of Health.

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