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In the US, the general director of a company selling protected smartphones was arrested. For the supply of devices to criminals

The FBI arrested the general director of Phantom Secure, which sells protected smartphones BlackBerry and Android. The agency believes that the organization was engaged in the supply of devices for criminal organizations around the world.

According to the Motherboard edition, Phantom Secure was the target of the FBI, as well as the Canadian and Australian police for supplying drug cartels with smartphones intended for criminal activities. Investigators believe that the general director of the company Vincent Ramos (Vincent Ramos) was well aware of this.

According to court documents , Phantom Secure was not simply linked to certain crimes, but was specially created to promote crime. The company reflashed the BlackBerry and Android smartphones, disconnecting their cameras, microphones and some standard network connection functions.

In addition, Phantom Secure offered customers remote removal of information from devices. The company’s services were also used by the members of Sinaloa, the largest drug cartel in Mexico.

Motherboard noted that for people who work with the most secretive criminal gangs on the planet, the Ramos company was “extremely immodest.” One of the company’s customers even used the email address “the.cartel”. According to a Canadian police officer undercover, when he asked Phantom Secure employees if their smartphones were suitable for sending methamphetamine to Montreal, they replied that they had developed devices “including specifically for this.”

In 2016, the Dutch police faced a similar case when it found out that Ennetcom operates an encrypted network used by criminals. After that the policemen of Holland stated that they could hack BlackBerry devices with PGP technology.

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