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Elon Musk recalled the danger of artificial intelligence and stated the need to fly off the Earth

At the SXSW festival, Elon Musk spoke about the plans for SpaceX, the threat from artificial intelligence and the danger of remaining on Earth in the near future. The entrepreneur answered questions about his personal life and at the end danced with his brother Kimball. This is reported by The Verge.

Musk took part in a series of responses to questions from visitors to SXSW, moderated by the creator of the Wild West World, Jonathan Nolan. Visitors to the festival could send questions to the Musk through the online form and vote for the options of other users – the most popular asked in real time.
Jonathan Nolan and Ilon Mask at the SXSW 2018 festival in Texas. Photos American Statesman
Musk said that he considers it necessary to colonize Mars, and, possibly, the Moon. According to him, soon the Earth is waiting for “new dark times” and, probably, the Third World War. In this case, according to Musk, the colony on Mars will continue “to carry forward the torch of human culture.”

The head of SpaceX said that the company will carry out the first test flight to Mars in early 2019 with the help of the unfinished Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) missile. Immediately after that, Msk noted that sometimes his plans were “slightly overstated.”

Someone from the festival asked the question: “How can we help?”. Musk replied that the best help would be general support, encouraging company success and goodwill. The entrepreneur noted that while many are pessimistic about his plans to fly to Mars, but if SpaceX does it – other businessmen and governments of the countries “will also come into play.”

Answering one of the questions, Musk returned to the topic of the danger of artificial intelligence. In his opinion, AI experts “think they know more than they really are” and they “do not like the idea that a machine can be smarter than them.” Musk explained that while algorithms are used in narrow areas and pose a threat only for jobs, but the emergence of a universal “supermind” will become a threat to civilization.

Remember my words: artificial intelligence is much more dangerous than nuclear weapons. I am not a special supporter of supervision and regulation, but this is the case when there is a very serious danger to society. Why do not we have supervisory bodies? This is madness.

Elon Musk
head of SpaceX and Tesla

According to Musk, there should be a certain state body that has the necessary competence and will oversee the developments in the field of AI. The entrepreneur believes that all work on artificial intelligence should be conducted in safety.

“Now Nolan again leads to the discussion of AI. Nolan: “A lot of experts in the field of AI do not share the same fear as you”; Musk: “Fools” [laughs]. “

One of the guests asked Musk about how he thought the power on Mars should be arranged. The entrepreneur said that direct democracy is needed, where new laws are adopted after reaching 60% of consensus, and old ones can be canceled if 40% of people vote. According to Musk, an important part of the Martians constitution will be the principle of expiration of the laws, if no one wants to prolong them.

Musk was also asked how he manages everything. The entrepreneur admitted that 90% of his time is paid to SpaceX, and, for example, he takes “only 2% of the time for the Boring Company, but 20% of the content of tweets.”

Speech The musk lasted about 1.5 hours. At the end of the session, he, along with his brother Kimbalo and Jonathan Nolan, danced to the song “My little buttercup” from the movie “Three Amigo” in 1986. Before this, Musk warned that it would be “very bad.”

“Now they began to sing a song from” Three Amigo “, about which Mask promised on Twitter that” it will be terrible. ” I do not know what else to say!”
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