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Armenian priest spoke about the origin of the Holy Fire

Representative of the Armenian Patriarchate Samuel Agoyan told in the report of the television channel “Hadashot 2” how they actually light the Holy Fire in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Agoyan was present three times in the kuvukliya at the ignition of the fire. He said (in the video, the explanation starts at 11:08), that the patriarchs light the wax candles from the oil lamp. According to Agoyan, “God works miracles, but not for fun to people” and there is nothing mystical about this process.

They have bundles of candles, we call them torches, and they set them on fire with an oil candle, and present it as a blessed fire. We believe in miracles, but I was there three times, and this is not a miracle.

Samuel Agoyan

The representative of the Coptic Church did not agree with this statement and demanded to stop the shooting, accusing him of lying. Agoyan objected that the Copts are not present at the ignition of the fire, unlike the Armenians, but the opponent continued to assert that the blessed fire is coming down from the sky, and Agoyan is lying.

The Holy Fire symbolizes the miraculous light of the Resurrection of Christ. He is taken out of the Holy Sepulcher during a service in the Church of the Resurrection of Christ. Removal symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Against the miraculous nature of the Holy Fire was the Catholic Church – in 1238 the Pope Gregory IX made a disagreement . Some Arabs also tried to prove that Holy Fire is obtained by means and devices, but they had no direct evidence. Modern researchers believe that fire can be obtained artificially, but do not exclude self-ignition of chemical mixtures and substances.

Professor of the Leningrad Theological Academy Nikolai Uspensky believed that the fire is lit from a secret lamp, the light from which does not fall into the open space of the Temple.

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