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Violent behavior of Mikhail Efremov in Samara

Actress Alla Korovkina told on the page in social networks about her impressions about the play “Do not Become a Stranger”. March 7 in the theater of Samara, a performance took place, the main role in which was performed by Mikhail Efremov. According to the artist, the beginning of the show has already disappointed the audience, because it was delayed for as long as 35 minutes. At the same time, the protagonist appeared on the stage drunk. The man could not remember his own text, spoke vaguely, and then began to swear at the audience. People who paid a considerable sum for the performance left the hall one by one. There was also a minister of culture in the room, but he did not react to what was happening.

Alla Korovkina:

“They did not apologize. It turned out that they were waiting for the artist Efremov. Then he absolutely drunk went out on stage, confused the text, to the request of the audience to speak louder, since nothing was audible, he joyfully sent obscene Samara spectators and the whole of Samara and the whole play was returning to this message. “

The actress complained that the audience paid for tickets from 4000 to 7000 rubles and were discouraged by this attitude of the artist. Korovkina added that there was a minister of culture in the room who did not react to what was happening, but many dissatisfied decided to leave the play until completion.

Alla Korovkina:

“The brave left in droves, the patient and curious were waiting for the finals. The final happened at the empty room. Forgive me, comrades artists, your bow did not have the courage to stay. But in general, the holiday was a success – instead of the performance they received a “zoo”. “

The statement of Korovkina was joined by other spectators who were at the play. One of them expressed the opinion that Efremov showed complete disrespect to the public.

Ekaterina Dorofeeva:

“The actor must play under any conditions, and not from the stage to express dissatisfaction with coughing or snoring spectators.”
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 According to her, at the end Efremov fled the scene with the words:
“Samara, thanks for the patience.”

Another dissatisfied spectator – Inna Samoylenko – said that after the first intermission half the audience did not return to the hall. She herself was among those who did not wait for the finals.

A girl named Ksenia Kulik in her Instagram called the bacchanalia on the scene. According to her, Efremov was absolutely drunk, staggered, swore from the stage to the viewer, who asked the artist to speak louder, and then shouted to the departed from the audience: “Come and go!”.

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