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Trump invented the campaign slogan-2020, based on the fact that America has already become a great

Donald Trump called the “assumption” plans to run for a second term in office. However, at a rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the head of state first uncovered the slogan of the second election campaign of 2020.

“Keep America Great!”

The new slogan of the Trump 2020 campaign

According to Trump, a few years after the first election campaign, it will be inappropriate to use the old slogan “Make America Great Again!”. He explained that he had already achieved the greatness of the United States.

We can not say “Let’s make America great again!” Because I already did it. True? True?

Donald Trump
at a rally in Pittsburgh

Trump also stressed that the new motto will not be his personal: “Our, not mine – we are the team – our new slogan”.

According to Politico, in early March, Trump met at the private residence of Mar-a-Lago, Florida, with potential sponsors of the second election campaign. Also, the president of the United States hired for the campaign of political technologist Brad Paskale, who is known as a consultant to Jared Kushner, son-in-law and presidential adviser.

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