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“Time-lapse of the universe”: from the Big Bang to our days in 10 minutes

Director and editor John Boswell (John Boswell) gathered in a 10-minute video the history of the appearance of the universe, beginning with the Big Bang to the present day. One second of the video represents 22 million years of the life of the universe.

On such a scale, the Sun and the Solar System appear only 6 minutes before the end of the video, and the whole history of mankind fit into the last fraction of a second of the video. The video shows the evolution of the universe, from the formation of the first stars, to the appearance of galaxies, black holes and supernovae.

For roller Bozvell used footage and voice insertion of documentaries and popular science programs on the structure of the universe and the solar system. Film editor has posted a video on his melodysheep YouTube-channel, where often there are songs that are created from the statements of scientists and various celebrities .

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