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Scientists find it difficult to name the site of the fall of the Chinese space station

Space station Tiangong-1 in the coming weeks will fall to Earth, but scientists still do not know the approximate area of ​​the crash. According to experts, the station will collapse between March 27 and April 8.

This is one of the largest man-made objects in space. Control over the station was lost in 2016, she worked for about five years. Now the unguided Tiangong-1 is circling the Earth’s orbit at an altitude of 241 kilometers (150 miles) at a speed of almost 29,000 kilometers per hour (18,000 miles per hour).

Potentially, the station could collapse to the territory of Africa, Australia, Europe, China, the Middle East, as well as North or South America. At the same time, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans are under attack.

The Chinese did not share information about the materials used and components of the station. Because of this, foreign experts can not predict in what condition Tiangong-1 gets to the surface of the planet and what damage it can cause.

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