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Putin explained the tragedy with the Kursk submarine with “huge” difficulties in the army

Vladimir Putin called the bad condition of the armed forces the reason for the crash of the nuclear submarine K-141 “Kursk” in August 2000. The president told the journalist Andrei Kondrashov about it in the documentary “Putin”, which was published in “Odnoklassniki” TV presenter Dmitry Kiselyov.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, we had enormous difficulties in the economy, and in the social sphere, and in the army, of course. All this could not touch the army. The tragedy of the Kursk is also a manifestation of the general state of the Armed Forces.

Vladimir Putin
The hull of the submarine Kursk. Photo from the site of "Novaya Gazeta"
The hull of the submarine Kursk. Photo from the site of “Novaya Gazeta”

Putin stressed that at the time of the crash, he had just assumed the duties of the president, and “did not even know that there were some serious exercises there.” According to the president, he was called by the Minister of Defense and informed about the loss and discovery of the boat, as well as the beginning of the work. At that time, the scale of the tragedy was incomprehensible, the head of state asserts.

What is a sin to conceal, we also know in what state the armed forces were then. Frankly, there is nothing surprising. But the tragedy is colossal, so many people died. Now, in principle, it is established why [it happened]: explosion in the torpedo compartment, fire, then detonation, ammunition. The case almost burst. And, of course, this can not be forgotten.

Vladimir Putin

Fame was received by Putin’s interview with American TV presenter Larry King in 2000. Then, when asked about what happened to the submarine, the president replied: “She drowned. Unfortunately, today we can not say much about the causes of the tragedy, but it is clear that the result of the tragedy was explosions. The nature of these explosions is not clear. ”

The cruiser Kursk sank in the Barents Sea on August 12, 2000. Killed all 118 crew members who were on board. The government commission named the explosion of the torpedo in the nose compartment as the cause of the catastrophe.

The film “Putin” by Andrei Kondrashov has already become the second documentary film about the president over the past week. TV host Vladimir Solovyov published on March 7 in VKontakte the film “The World Order”.

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