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In China, Xi Jinping was allowed to run the country indefinitely

Chinese deputies during the session of the National People’s Congress approved the amended draft Constitution of the country. From the document removed the provision by which the president of the PRC and his deputy could hold posts only two terms of five years.

The deputies voted to abolish the restrictions almost in full force. Only two voted against, three abstained, one ballot was declared invalid. In support of the new Constitution, 2858 people spoke.

The current head of China, Xi Jinping, has been in charge of China since 2013. According to the new Constitution, he has the right not to leave office in 2023.

Usually, before the start of the second five-year term, the politburo is introduced into the proposed successor to the current chairman of the PRC. At the congress of the Communist Party in October 2017, there was no such person.

The rule of two terms for the chairman was in force in China since 1982. Reformer Deng Xiaoping introduced him to avoid a repetition of the situationwith Mao Zedong, who was in power until his death.

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