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A French startup has introduced a heater that heats the house at the expense of mining

Usually during the mining process, the devices become very hot, so they have to be cooled. The French company Qarnot decided to find an application for this heat and introduced a battery that produces crypto currency and heats the room simultaneously.

“Cryptoheater” QC-1 is a radiator with two video cards AMD Sapphire Nitro + Radeon RX580 with 8 gigabytes of video memory. They are optimized for the mining of etherium units.

The company claims that it is possible to configure the battery for mining in minutes: you need to connect it to the Internet with an Ethernet cable and enter the Ethereum-purse address in the mobile application. After that, the heater will begin to produce crypto currency and heat the room. Qarnot does not take any commission – 100% of the broadcasts will be delivered to users.

QC-1 can also be configured for mining other crypto-currencies. Qarnot claims that the progress of production can be monitored in the mobile application, where it is possible to activate the heating mode if normal heat levels are insufficient.

The device looks like a wall-mounted heater, enclosed in a case with a wooden trim and works noiselessly: there is no active cooling inside the battery. With the help of special switches you can adjust the degree of heating.

According to TechCrunch, the device will earn about $ 120 per month  on the Ethereum mining. However, it is not known how much the electricity costs for the heater will be cost: Qarnot did not comment on this information.

QC-1 can be pre-ordered at a price of 3570 dollars . The first copies are promised to be delivered by June 20, 2018.

The development of the French company is not the first attempt to use excess heat from computers. In the summer of 2017, the Dutch startup Nerdalize launched a pilot program for the use of servers as heaters, and in October 2017, the Russian company Comino presented its version of the “crypto-heater” . She offered the device for 4.5 thousand dollars .

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