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“If he deserves it”: Putin on whether to pardon Navalny

Vladimir Putin in an interview with the American television channel NBC answeredthe question about whether he is ready to pardon Alexei Navalny, that he “became a worthy opponent.” Now the head of the Anti-Corruption Fund is prohibited from participating in elections because of a criminal record.

NBC journalist Megan Kelly : Could [Navalny] also pardon him to become a worthy opponent? Bulk is just such a person, he is quite popular here in Russia.

Vladimir Putin: You can pardon any person if he deserves it.

Kelly: Why did not you do it?

Vladimir Putin: If he deserves it. There are no exceptions for anyone, there are no exceptions for anyone.

fragment of the interview

According to the president, this is not about “pardoning”, but about “certain political forces” that allegedly do not have a development program for Russia. The head of state stressed that “he basically likes” the fact that the oppositionists pay attention to the problems.

For the positive development of the country this is not enough, not enough. Because only to focus on problems, it’s not just a little, and it’s even dangerous, because it can lead to certain destruction, and we need creation.

Vladimir Putin

The Central Election Commission refused to register Navalny as a presidential candidate because of an outstanding conviction for a serious article of the criminal code. The politician called the cases “fabricated” and argued that in this way the CEC excludes “millions” of voters from the political system.

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