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Call of Duty and Fallout 4: what games the White House considers cruel

President of the United States Donald Trump met with representatives of the gaming industry to discuss the issue of brutality in games. He began a meeting with videonarezki “cruel” in his opinion the moments of the games. The video was published on the official channel of the White House.

In a short video the presidential administration included moments from different games. Most of the scenes were from the Call Of Duty series, but apart from her, Trump considered the cruel moments from Dead by Daylight, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Fallout 4, Sniper Elite 4 and horror The Evil Within.

Trump decided to meet with the developers of computer games after the recent shooting in Florida. The president linked the growth of violence in America with video games.

Among the meeting participants were representatives of the publishing house Zenimax (it includes Bethesda, which publishes Fallout) and Take-Two (the publisher of GTA). According to those who attended the closed session, the US government did not threaten with restrictions or prohibitions of violence in games. Most of the conversation was devoted to a more thorough age marking and voluntary measures that developers can take to make some things “healthier for society”.

As noted by the publication The Verge, the conversation took place in this format, because none of the three representatives of the government did not understand video games. Member of the Council of Parental Television Melissa Henson basically criticizes Liberal values ​​in Hollywood, Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman specializes in training police for military strategy, and the founder of the Council of Parental Television Brent Bozell mainly speaks of anti-Christian fanaticism on TV channels.

After the meeting, representatives of the video game industry said that research shows that there is no relationship of cruelty to video games and violence. The White House announced new Trump meetings on the same subject, but already with the film industry.

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