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Biathlonists won the first medal for Russia at the Paralympic Games – gold and silver

Russian biathlete Ekaterina Rumyantseva won a gold medal in the 6 km race among standing athletes at the Winter Paralympic Games-2018. Silver went to Russian Anna Milenina.

Rumyantseva made one inaccurate shot and completed the distance in 17 minutes 6.1 seconds. Milenina never missed and lost to compatriot only 16.3 seconds. The third place was taken by Lyudmila Lyashenko from Ukraine – one miss, a loss of 39.8 seconds.

Milenin, Rumyantsev and Lyashenko. Photo by Grigory Sysoev, RIA Novosti
Milenin, Rumyantsev and Lyashenko. Photo by Grigory Sysoev, RIA Novosti

Today for me was like an ordinary race, as the stages of the World Cup. Stress was not even there! Yesterday I was, but today I got absolutely calm. I can not believe that this is the Paralympics. For me, she is the first in her career. But it was not easy to run. “Kasha” is strong, it was very hard. Until recently, there was no certainty that I would be the first, because it was so difficult.

Ekaterina Rumyantseva
after the race, a quote for ” R-Sport “

Medals Rumyantseva and Milenina were the first for Russian athletes at the Paralympic Games-2018 in Pyeongchang. Athletes, like at the Olympics, act under a neutral flag due to the removal of the Paralympic Committee against the background of anti-doping rule violations.

The opening of the Paralympic Games took place on March 8, and will end on March 18. Russia is represented by 33 athletes.

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