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“There is only one captain”: thousands of fans of “Fiorentina” said goodbye to the player who died at age 31

March 4, at the age of 31, died captain of the football club “Fiorentina” and player of the Italian team David Astori. The athlete died at the hotel the night before the match of the national championship due to bradyarrhythmia (cardiac arrhythmias). Doctors agreed that death occurred in a dream, although before the “otboem” he calmly communicated with other players.

About the incident teammates Astori learned the next morning, when he did not come for breakfast. On the same day in Serie A, all matches were canceled: some teams were informed of the death of the athlete when they were already on the field. In the next round, the Italian club players will come out in T-shirts in honor of the captain of the Fiorentina. Athletes around the world expressedcondolences to the footballer’s family and his club.

The funeral of Astori took place on March 8 in Florence, the city where Fiorentina played home games. To say goodbye to the footballer came thousands of fans, teammates, players of the Italian team like Jaunluigi Buffon and the mayor of the city.

When the coffin was taken out of the basilica of Santa Croce, the fans began to chant together the song “There is only one captain” dedicated to Astori.

In the “Fiorentina” and the past Astori club “Cagliari” withdrew from the number “13”, under which played a football player. This means that in both teams no one else can take this number – it is permanently assigned to the deceased player.

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