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The most expensive gym in the world (16 photos)

The branches of the Centuryon sports club are located only in China and Vietnam. To become a member, for a year you need to pay $ 32,000. Randy Dobson, who is the executive director of this network, claims that such luxury and exclusivity is necessary for independent people. For this reason, gyms and offer such an expensive splendor.

Marble floors and an abundance of mirrors – a female toilet.

To get into the most expensive sports club in Asia is not easy – the entrance is carried out by biometric sensors.

Hall for yoga. You can order a personal lesson with the coach.

A zone for relaxation. A member has the right to bring one guest with him.

Gold does not happen much. In the toilets especially.

Glittering chandeliers, shiny surfaces are all at the highest level.

A swimming pool without a chandelier with black crystals is not a pool.

In a special zone there are personal booths that function as a sauna, bath, hammam or, conversely, an ice room.

After training, you can pour out your soul in karaoke, play billiards.

As for the sports equipment, in these clubs, of course, there is everything, including even certified MMA-rings.

All simulators from the Italian manufacturer (apparently, he is the best).

The TVs on the opposite wall do not let you get bored during the workout.

Hall for gymnastics.

The vegetable bar is also attached. By the way, almost all clubs are adapted for holding corporate events and various events. Of course, for a fee. In Russia, the Centuryon sports clubs with a skyrocket price for the annual subscription is not yet available, but it’s a pity. We look forward to bombing selfies in marble-gold toilets, where they let them in for a couple of million rubles.


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