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The game against the rules: the story of a snowboarder-paralympic Amy (6 photos)

When Amelia Purdi was 19, her life changed dramatically. The girl fell ill with a complex form of meningitis. The bacterial infection affected the blood vessels, and in a state of shock Amy was taken to the hospital.
The disease was so serious that the doctors promised relatives only 2% of the survivors. During the operation, the patient lost legs that had been amputated to the knee, as well as the spleen and kidneys. But Amelia did not give up. After 7 months, the girl got a prosthesis and began to conquer the mountains on a snowboard. Three months later she performed at the Mammoth Mountain and took third place in snowboarding competitions. After this, Perdi became the spokesperson and speaker of the fund, which represents the athletes who challenged their ailment.

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