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Stanford University stopped students traveling to Russia because of the “serious danger to life and health”

Stanford University will stop sending students to Russia for internships and educational programs. The educational institution had to go for it, as the US State Department appropriated the third level of danger for travelers to the country. This is reported by Stanford Daily with reference to the administration of the university.

Stanford strictly observes the recommendations of the US Department of State and does not send students to countries to which the agency issued a third or fourth level of danger. Russia was given the third level of danger, this means that traveling to the country can pose a serious danger to life and health.

US officials believe that in the North Caucasus there are dangerous terrorist groups that can choose their destination popular with tourists. Also, the agency mentioned torture and murder of gays in Chechnya, abduction of American citizens, civil unrest and the annexation of Crimea in 2014. The State Department’s opinion about other Russian regions is unknown.

Stanford is not the first to face problems when sending students to other countries because of the State Department. In 2016, the university had to cancel the trip to Istanbul, the students were lectured through Skype.

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