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Mulatto with freckles – the main sporting hope of Russia (6 photos)

Jennifer Akinimika – it is this girl with a difficultly pronounced name and dark skin turned the views of fans of track and field athletics in Russia. She is a mulatto: a dad from Nigeria, and the mother of a Kuban Cossack, whose character Jennifer has gone into – selfishness in a good sense of the word, perseverance in achieving the goal, self-discipline and self-reliance. This helps to achieve her high results, she has already won her first medals in the championships of Russia and strive for international competitions.

The family of Akinimik lives in the village of Dinskaya. Jennifer Ayodelevna does not want to move: next to her parents and coaches (wife Alexey and Elena Korotaeva), at home quietly, and the big city is still close – to Krasnodar a couple of dozen kilometers.

The main achievements:
– the champion of Russia to 18 years on the 100-meter
– the champion of Russia to 18 years on the 200-meter
– the winter champion of Russia at 60 and 200 meters among the girls
– the winter champion of Russia at 60 meters among juniors.

The best results:
– 60 meters: 7.39
– 100 meters: 11.55
– 200 meters: 23.51

I started with basketball, I studied there for a year and a half. The usual story: school competitions, then a coach from Moscow recruited a team for classes. Why not? I went to basketball – just to kill time, I did not think about professional sport.
Then she got acquainted with the current coaches at the athletics competitions, they watched me for six months and called. I went to track and field and basketball for about six months, then I chose running. To get noticed in basketball, you need to leave at least to the edge level, and the team we did not have an ice. I wanted to show myself more personally.

I’m engaged in athletics for 3,5 years. The trainers immediately made it clear that the goal should go the shortest way and do everything perfectly: sleep, discipline, recovery, nutrition, proper work – then everything will be fine. Although I give myself indulgences in food, there are no strict prohibitions on sweet or fast food. Once a couple of months I can, and this is probably for nothing will not affect.

Dad came to Russia to study at the Medical Institute in the early 90’s, and they met with my mother. Dad got a higher education, but the doctor does not work – he has a choreographic group, national dances, and he trains. Mom was born and grew up in Dinskaya.
Dad says that I behave like a mother. And my mother – that I’m like a dad. But I still do not understand what exactly they mean. My grandmother brought me up most of all, my parents worked hard and worked. The pope feels that upbringing, that mentality. For example, mom will eat and clean up after herself; when the pope eats, then, even if I did not eat next to him, he will call me – and I’ll clean up after him. Trifle, which you can not pay attention to, but there are many such.
When I was 6-7 years old, through my father’s friends I was attracted to a modeling agency: I advertised children’s clothes, even walked on the catwalk. It lasted about a year. Other children rehearsed thrice a week, went to shows – I did not have the opportunity to travel so often to Krasnodar. Although I still did not get worse, but the leaders demanded more shows, shootings – and had to be abandoned.
Since then, I was called several times to model agencies, but I’m not particularly anxious. Maximum – a photo shoot for sports.

The pope in Nigeria had shelter and relatives: mother, brother with children – that is my grandmother and uncle. When they call up with their father, I also pick up the phone, I can talk a little. They have a different language, a complicated one – they speak poorly in English, although I am not very good. But in general, there is a connection between us.
I have never been abroad and until there was a desire to go to Nigeria – just do not pull. Probably, will want later, when growing up. Now I want more in the United States or England – advanced countries, it’s interesting to see what kind of people there are, how they differ from us.
I do not feel special on the path, but I understand that they pay attention to me. Before joining athletics, I specifically complexed about the color of the skin. In the kindergarten, the children were kind, but the school went into trouble – I did not sob, but it hurt. I do not know how it is connected, but as soon as the start of training – the complex is gone.
And my second complex, which also passed, is freckles: I was teased for them. I did not meet blacks with freckles and thought: damn, something you do not want to walk with them, you have to reduce them. A year ago I seriously thought about it. But gradually came to the idea that my feature, and indeed they look cool.
Now I remember about the complexes with a smile, but then it was difficult. I did not complain to my parents, but my father constantly asked: do they offend, tease? There was an incident that even my mother went to school to talk with one boy about my skin color. Now I’m used to attention, I like it.

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