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In Russia, developed a serial automatic-amphibian

In Tula, they are preparing for a batch production of a two-machine special automatic fusion of 5.45 mm caliber. It will go into service with the Russian military, and will also be exported to customers outside the country. ADS is designed for conducting single and automatic fire at a range of up to 600 meters on land and up to 25 meters under water.

The rate of shooting the machine is up to 900 rounds per minute, reports RIA Novosti. The store capacity is 30 cartridges, the mass of the machine without ammunition with a 40 mm under barrel grenade launcher is 4.82 kg.

“This model has been adopted, and we are preparing a batch production. Preparations are under way for the production of these weapons, “said Yury Amelin , head of the Central Design and Research Bureau of Sports and Hunting Weapons (part of the High Precision Complex).

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