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BITCOINUS – payment system. A new look at the future of e-commerce

Bitcoinus is a completely new electronic commerce payment system that will allow both individuals and legal entities to use crypto currency for settlements. The use of crypto currency in everyday payments will become easy, understandable and accessible to everyone. Bitcoinus will become a kind of link between customers (buyers of goods and services) and B2B.

Blockchain technology is moving around the world, its rapid spread has an increasing impact on mutual settlements. A few years ago it was difficult to imagine that the goods can be purchased for cryptic assets. The world follows the path of decentralization and anonymity, step by step, abandoning traditional financial systems, constant monitoring and tracking. There is no doubt that gradually Blockchain technology will displace traditional bank transfers. It’s only a matter of time.

Nevertheless, at the moment the percentage of payments in online stores with the help bitkoyna, altkoinov quite low and according to some data is less than 1%. This situation is largely due to the unresolved problems with which the crypto-currency community has been struggling for several years – low transaction speed and its high cost. These 2 factors hinder the use of crypto-currency assets in everyday life. And the majority of e-commerce enterprises simply do not benefit from the use of Blockchain technology.

Bitcoinus, due to the advantages of its platform, intends to dramatically increase% of mutual payments in e-commerce using Blockchain technology. The Bitcoinus team has an ambitious goal – to create a platform that would become a leader in crypto payments.
And there are grounds for this:

1. The claimed Bitcoinus transaction speed is 2 seconds. Decentralization.

Bitcoinus guarantees instant payments. Long waiting for payments will be a thing of the past. It is important even in small business (and Bitcoinus is aimed not only at small businesses, but also in the global e-commerce market) to be able to get their funds as soon as possible and re-engage them in commerce. The Bitcoinus platform represents a unique opportunity to shorten the time it takes to receive funds from several days (in the case of bank transfers) – up to a couple of seconds. The thing is, Bitcoinus will change the very method of interaction of transactions inside the system with the help of a complex algorithm that will ensure the operations are performed even before they are uploaded to the block chain. And the complex algorithm itself guarantees 100% security and reliability of transactions.

Thus, Bitcoinus not only provides instant payment for goods / services, but also eliminates the financial intermediary between the customer and the buyer. E-commerce will receive a functional, well-established decentralized platform.
Source – white paper

The business will no longer be afraid of any banking pitfalls, the risks of hanging own funds and there will be no need to borrow at the time of the lack of monetary liquidity.

2. Low transaction costs – only 0.5% This is another significant advantage of the platform. Bitcoinus aims at rapid spread of technology around the world, and low commissions are one of the factors that e-commerce enterprises will pay attention to. With such low commissions, Bitcoinus certainly wins against competitors. To be sure, compare the cost of the Bitcoinus transaction with the commissions of other payment systems in the table below

3. Moreover, Bitcoinus declares zero% of commission fees for transactions in case payment is made in BITS !

4. Decentralized KYC & TECH Bitcoinus will be based on the KYC (know your customer, KYC) standards, which all those who want to become a business partner will need to comply with. Also, the seller’s reputation system will be implemented, which is not unimportant for providing secure transactions.

5. Integration of about 100 crypto assets

“A single purse – hundreds of opportunities” is the motto of the Bitcoinus team. At the initial stage, it is planned to add the most popular, often used crypto currency. After the initial phase and testing, the list of crypto assets will certainly expand.

In addition, Bitcoinus will develop plug-ins for ease of use of the platform by e-commerce enterprises. In “White Paper” the team promises plug-ins for Magento 2, Shopify, Wordpress, ZenCart, WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop and others.

Road map

As you can see from the road map, the team is aimed at the fastest possible development. And already in June 2018, an alpha version of MVP is planned and the main functional level will be achieved. And after the marketing company, which is planned for August, the development of the beta version of MVP will be completed in September, which means the availability of payments in 50 altoknany, API. The very same functioning system, a fully ready working platform for e-commerce will be ready in Q1 2019. The timing of tasks in the road map is very impressive.

Distribution of tokens and finance

Total number of tokens – 65mln

Of these, tokens for sale are 50 million

The designation of BITS tokens

The beginning of sales on February 15, 2013

The end of sales on 05/10/2018

Soft-cap – 3 million

Hard-cap – 50 million

The distribution of tokens is as follows: 75% community 10% team (This is a very good indicator, the manipulation of the token’s price can be said to be out of the question.) Usually teams take themselves 15-20%, and some even more) 8% merger and acquisition 4% legalization 2 % advisors 1% bounty (Personal observations show that the less the team shares tokens with bounties, the more serious the project turns out to be)
Distribution of funds

37% product development

48% marketing (which is not unimportant)

8% of the transaction

7% security

The project team

When choosing ICO, in which it is worth participating, investors primarily look at the composition of the team.

At the forum bitcointalk in the Russian branch (the link to the source is shown below the image) you can find the full team, as well as their advisors. The composition of the team is really impressive. Each of them is an expert in his field with many years of experience and numerous successful projects in the past. Such a team can be safely entrusted: the above tasks in the road map they will fulfill in time.

Results of the review _____________________________________________________________________

All of the advantages of Bitcoinus mentioned above in the article certainly speak about the seriousness and investment attractiveness of the project. As of this writing, SOFTCAP has already collected 3,000,000 BITS.

Currently, many countries at the legislative level are considering the possibility of legalization of the crypto currency, considering the issue of recognizing crypto currency as a means of payment. The process is launched, and the larger and faster this process will go, the more popular and, most importantly, the Bitcoinus platform will be in demand.

E-commerce is growing from year to year, in addition to the standard online shopping is added and mobile traffic. At the same time, the level of competition is getting higher. In such circumstances, e-commerce companies need a functional, reliable, decentralized platform with low commission costs and a guarantee of instant payment for goods, which is Bitcoinus.

language English, incl. subtitles

Pre-ICO 15.01-22.02 ICO 23.04-10.05

Price of the token 1 BITS = 0.001 ETH

WHITE PAPER – site of the bounty-company Bitcoinus – official site of Bitcoinus

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