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“Yandex” will close the photohosting “Fotki” launched more than 10 years ago

“Yandex” announced the closure of the photo hosting “Photos”, which has existed since 2007, due to the loss of popularity. Images and photos of users will be transferred to “Yandex.Disk”.

As explained in the company, the popularity of “Fotok” fell – for the past six months, it was visited by 5% of users of “Yandex.” The end of the move to “Disk” is scheduled for April 27, but this can be done now, by clicking the “Move to Yandex.Disk” button.

Now people share pictures mostly in social networks and prefer to store them in the cloud – it’s more convenient and easier. For example, you can automatically download pictures from the smartphone to “Disk”, but not to “Photos”. People gradually began to use the service less and less.


Users will be allocated a free space on the “Drive” for photos: they appear in a folder that does not take away space from the storage. The albums will have the same privacy settings and editing functions, and the links to images in the “Photos” will continue to work.

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