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Universe: a new era of personal sites

Could you imagine that you can create your own site from your phone, for free, with a free domain name in 60 seconds without having to write a code / design a visual. Yes, yes, you will not believe, but I am torn from the heart.

In general, here is the treasure of Universe. The application does everything that I told you. If you are too lazy to bother with something like this: enter your nickname in Instagram, agree with the proposed domain name and select a template for your site. That is, the application analyzes your information from Instagram and on its basis (takes a name, mail, description) creates a cool business card site for you. All templates can be customized, naturally.

Even with the help of the application you can create pages of the site, write posts and, of course, analyze statistics.

And, you know, what is completely dissolute? It’s free. And you can create your own sites from scratch. In it you can buy a domain name (.com zone starts from $ 3). All. If after that I even hear the edge of the ear that the site is difficult to create (this is after Tilda and ReadyMag), I will swear very much.

Link to the Universe application:

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