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The best video of 2018, taken from drone, according to the New York City Drone Film Festival

In New York for the fourth time was the New York City Drone Film Festival. The organizers of the two-day event selected winners in several categories: Extreme Sports, News and Documentaries, Landscapes and Architecture, Shouryl, X-Factor and other nominations. TJ compiled a video of the winners of all major awards.

«Extreme sports»

Advertising company Audi called ” Ski World ” with the participation of the French skier Candide Toveks (Candide Thovex). With the help of gluing together frames and computer graphics, the extremal “made” a long descent along the routes of the planet. Toveks visited various locations: sand, jungle, grassy hills and even the Great Wall of China.

“News and documentaries”

Video of the rescue of the Brazilian surfer Pedro “Scooby” Vainna (Pedro “Scooby” Vianna), which covered a 10-meter wave near the coast of the Portuguese city of Nazare. What a few seconds after the incident, his friend Lucas Chianca picked him up on his hydrocycle, but the men quickly overtook another wave, and they both ended up in the water. Fortunately, the story ended well.

“Landscapes and architecture”

Three minutes of impressive landscapes, photographed by photographer Marcus Möller (Marcus Möller) in the small Swedish city of Otshyo.


Director Mackenzie Sheppard (Mackenzie Sheppard) took a short film Donny the Drone about a cartographic drony named Donny, who gained self-consciousness as a result of a collision with a bird. After that, freedom of will was awakened in the drone and there was a desire to devote himself to helping people.


A clip shot in one shot from an FPV-dron by Robert McIntosh, an expert in video effects, without the use of computer graphics.


In this nomination, the jury evaluated the selfies made with the help of a drone. The work “Last Droni” about the picture during the zombie apocalypse won.

“Demonstration of drones”

Video for the NBA basketball club “Boston Celtics”, in which a synchronized group of drone demonstrates aerial acrobatic stunts along with the players of the team. Therefore, drones are used not only as flying cameras, but also as characters in the narrative.


A football field in the fishing village of Henningsvor in northern Norway, photographed by photographer Brent De Bleser (Brent De Bleser).

Photos Airvuz


Dynamic cutting of the staff of the German studio Air V8, specializing in the production of video clips using radio-controlled multi-copters.


Film director Mike Bishop, together with the Cheetah Protection Foundation (CCF) and the private reserve of Erindi, produced a short film showing animals and landscapes of Namibia, a state in South Africa.

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