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Most Americans are sure that artificial intelligence will take work from anyone, but not with them

About 73% of American adults believe that artificial intelligence “will destroy more jobs than it will create,” the results of Gallup research show . However, only 23% of respondents are “concerned” or “very worried” about the fact that automation can affect their spheres.

Concern was related to the education of respondents. A third of the students, who were studying for four years in college, answered that their work could be selected by artificial intelligence. Among those who received a bachelor’s degree, only 15% of respondents answered this question.

A total of 3,000 people took part in the Gallup research. They were asked about automation and AI. The results of the survey correspond to other similar studies. In 2017, most of the interviewed by the publication Quartz was confident that in the next five years more than half of the jobs will be replaced by AI. At the same time, 91% of respondents believed that their work would not be affected. In 2016 Pew Research Center came to similar results.

Experts have been arguing for a long time about how AI will affect work. Some researchers claim that in 2022 more than a billion jobs will be “destroyed”, others that it will happen only in 2030, while others say that the whole AI will replace 800 million employees, but will create about the same amount of new work.

The Verge publication noted that historically, technologies usually replaced jobs, but created new ones in the process. However, this time everything is different, since the machines are smarter than ever before and examples from history no longer give a useful comparison.

Nevertheless, now the revolution of artificial intelligence is still not visible: even self-controlled machines can not yet fill themselves or replace the wheel and can only drive a car on the highway without sharp turns. However, according to the same research by Gallup, AI has already widely penetrated the everyday life of Americans. 9 out of 10 US residents use at least one of six devices or services with artificial intelligence. 84% of respondents use applications such as Waze and services like Netflix.

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