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McDonald’s turned the logo in honor of International Women’s Day

The McDonald’s fast food chain for one day will turn its logo in the form of a letter M, turning it into the letter W, the first in the English word “women”. This was told CNBC spokesman Lauren Altmin (Lauren Altmin)

According Altmin, the changes will be processed by the mobile application of the restaurant and the company’s pages in social networks, and the site. The company will also change the design in 100 restaurants in the US – in honor of the holiday the letter W will appear on the packaging of products and the uniform of employees. The site design of the Russian McDonald’s is dedicated to the 2018 World Cup in football.

Altmin added that McDonald’s gives female employees all the opportunities for career growth: 60% of managers in regional restaurants are women.

Avatar and the "cap" "McDonald's" on TwitterFor the first time in the history of our brand, we turned our famous arch in honor of the International Women’s Day to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of women around the world and especially in our restaurants. From restaurant employees to managers and managers, women play an important role at all levels.

Wendy Lewis
Director of McDonald’s for Cultural Diversity

On February 26 it became known that the Scotch tape manufacturer Johnnie Walker released a limited series of Jane Walker drink for the female audience. One dollar from each bottle will go to organizations that help women.


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