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Amazon explained Alexa’s frightening laughter by incorrect recognition of voice commands

Representatives of Amazon said they know about the strange frightening laughter of “smart” speakers with Alexa’s voice assistant. They promised to fix it, said Business Insider.

According to company representatives, Alexa can react to the team “Alexa, laugh” (“Alexa, laugh”) and mistakenly recognize it in other phrases. The team was promised to replace with “Alexa, can you laugh?” (“Alex, can you laugh?”) To prevent false positives.

In addition, the company noted that first the assistant will say “Of course, I can laugh” and only then laugh.

Previously, the owners of “smart” speakers from Amazon began to complain about the terrible and sudden laughter of Alexa – the device sometimes woke up in the middle of the night and began to laugh in itself.

 “Every time Alexa laughs, one angel dies. So thank you, Lord. “

The head of Tesla company Ilon Mask also responded to Amazon’s promise to solve the problem with the laughter published by Alexa.

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