Mom arranged a small son for a photo session with eating the “brain”

Amy Luis from Australia has published a very unusual photo session with the participation of her young son. He tried on himself the image of a zombie eating a brain and looking accordingly. The pictures caused criticism from Internet users, and Amy was expelled from the community of “young mothers” on Facebook, accompanying the ban with unflattering epithets.

“I was told that I’m a bad mother, that this will hurt my baby’s psyche and that he will fall ill because he ate a cake from the ground, ” said a resident of Brisbane. Then Amy revealed the reasons why she chose such a controversial topic for the photo shoot.

It turned out that at birth, the heart of Phoenix (so called the son’s parents) was not beaten and the doctors were not sure that he would survive. Tom was preceded by difficult births and complications during pregnancy. The newborn did not cry, and Amy awaited with fear the verdict of the doctors.

However, the doctors helped Phoenix get out – in 13 minutes they brought him back to life. It happened on Halloween.

“What could be better than a zombie cake for a little boy who was declared dead and then he miraculously came to life on Halloween?”

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