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Microsoft co-founder found sunken 76 years ago aircraft carrier

Billionaire Paul Allen, known as co-founder of Microsoft, was able to find sunken 76 years ago, the aircraft carrier USS Lexington. Allen’s expedition found an aircraft carrier about 800 kilometers from the east coast of Australia. USS Lexington rests at a depth of three kilometers.

The aircraft carrier was one of the first built by the Americans – it was launched in 1925. Head of the search operation Robert Kraft noted that USS Lexington was considered one of the main ships, so its finding is of particular importance.

Lexington was sunk on May 8, 1942 by the Japanese during the Battle of the Coral Sea. When the crash killed more than 200 people, about 2 thousand sailors managed to escape.

This is not the first major finding for Paul Allen’s search team. Earlier, his team was able to find the wreckage of the USS Indianapolis ship, sunk in 1945 in the Philippine Sea.

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