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Hackers set a record for cyber attacks – traffic at 1.7 Tbit / s

About a week ago the GitHub platform underwent a hacker attack with a capacity of about 1.35 Tbit / s. The record did not last long, as technologically savvy intruders organized DDoS more efficiently – at 1.7 Tbit / s. This was reported by IT security specialists from Arbor Networks.

Specialists do not give other characteristics of the attack, they only point to the growth of capacity, which can be associated with the development of the Internet and the constant expansion of data transmission channels. Probably, with the advent of 5G, the situation will become even more “interesting” from the point of view of ensuring security.

It is noted that when the attack on GitHub service “lay down” for about 10 minutes. The protected Arbor client allegedly stood firm. Probably, a somewhat specific report of the company was the reason that he was mistaken for not very skillful advertising of his own services.

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