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Coca-Cola will release the first alcoholic drink in 125 years

The Coca-Cola company plans to release the first alcoholic beverage, the Financial Times reports . Previously, the company never did such experiments for 125 years.

The corporation is developing a low-alcohol “Zhuhai”, popular in Japan. It contains between 3 and 8 percent alcohol and is sold in banks. Usually, the “Zhuhai” tastes of yogurt or herbs.

Drink "Zhuhai". Photo by @ sangmi_0203
Drink “Zhuhai”. Photo by @ sangmi_0203

Since 2013, the share of “Zhuhai” drink on the Japanese market is growing by 5-25% per year, in the range of “hundreds” of flavors and types of beverage. Now it is produced by other major Japanese companies, which also offer yoghurt flavors.

Earlier, the head of the company George Gorduño (Jorge Garduño) said that by 2018 the company plans to release a new product – “a drink in a bank that contains alcohol.” Garduno argued that the drink is usually made from a liquor shochu, drinking water and flavor additives.

Coca-Cola has always produced soft drinks, and this [Zhuhai production] will become an experiment for us.

George Gardugno
head of Coca-Cola

In recent years, the company has faced a decline in sales of soda: the majority of consumers try to consume fewer drinks that contain sugar. Because of this, the corporation develops products like water and tea.

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